Smart Automotive Industry

Unlocking the opportunity and transformation to Digital Automotive industry via Industry 4.0 is fast approaching to meet ultra fast demand. Naraiuran partner with client to move from traditional manufacturing process to Industry 4.0.

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Automation has its pattern of high production volumes where the production is changing and the product is changing. While global production volumes remain high, automation now has to be flexible enough to deal with rapidly changing product configurations.Co-operation of Human – Robot as hybrid team is the collaborative method towards enhanced flexibility and Intelligence.

As manufacturers need to achieve shorter time-to-market and reduce product life-cycle costs, including energy consumption, while ensuring quality, reliability and economic efficiency adapting Robotic automation and Data Integrity will support to meet Industry 4.0. It is therefore all the more important to have a strong, dependable partner. Naraiuran reached out automotive industry and automotive supplier industry, which has this sector experience to provide Innovative solution from the areas of Automation technology.

Key Areas for Solution

  • Metal Fabrication (Stamping press lines)
  • Assembly
  • Engine/Transmission/Powertrain
  • Body Shop/Paint Shop
  • Plastics/ Molding /Die Cast
  • Components(Assemblies, die-cast)
  • Material Transfer
  • Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems


Value Proposition

  • Higher volume production at Less employee cost
  • Less human error
  • Intermediate level of Intelligence
Gain Creator
  • Predicting changes & Responding in real time
  • Creating a digital link between operations & IT
  • Design System suiting industry 4.0
  • High cost of capital & Non-availability of skilled labor
  • Rising price of operational cost
  • Level of intelligence is insufficient to provide the continual, appropriate feedback.
Pain Reliever
  • Cost efficient system with value added engineering services
  • Handling system which does multi task
  • Intelligence integrated with system for continual monitoring

  Our competency team delivers value proposition to our customer, from design engineering to production. With Naraiuran, our customer always have a reliable partner to rely on.

Ravi shankar MD , Naraiuran group of companies.

Automation system

Motion Control and Drive Systems

Material Handling with Robotics

Test & Measurement

Machine Vision

Robotic Welding

Pick & Place

Operator Assembly Stations

OEE (Over all Equipmen efficiency ) / Andon System

LV Panels / MCC panels

Re-engineering / Retrofitting of Plant or machines

Control System Design

Concept Development and Design

Spare Parts

Telephone Support

On Site Support

Installation Support

Start-Up Support

Software Development

System Documentation

Technical Support

Existing Equipment-modifications and upgrades