Tire Industry

Smart automation provides opportunities to improve the bottom of the operation and seamless automation improves process fluidity while improves productivity and real-time data is being gathered for taking intelligent decision.

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The tire industry is a very dynamic industrial sector where growth can be contributed to the innovations and further advancements in automation within tire manufacturing facilities.
Automation and digitalization are the key factors of advancement in technology.Thus, insight to such a system , where manufacturing machinery can be monitored from any corner of the world via digitalization and IoT.
While Greenfields projects are being designed entir facilities to be a completely automated and invest on data analysis , also existing facilities (Brownfields) that were developed with only manual operations in mind also being largely being automated like handling process can do to their bottom lines.
With seamless integration from Ware house interfacing the production machin like (With PLC, Robotics) , Production line tracking with RFID and hand shaking wtih ERP systems will leads to Smart Tire Production plant.

Naraiuran provides cost-effective automation applications for all production unit includes powerful process control with Recipe management to manage properties of materials for production of desired products.
Advanced technologies on board with IoT for tracking for crucial control relieve on human dependency towards safety of the resources. Apart from controlling of the process , gathered Data’s helps to analysis the parameters are within the acceptable limits.
Our expertise and our team ability to identify opportunities in the production give us the ability to deliver automation solutions meeting Industry 4.0.

Key Areas for Solution

  • Preparation
    • Fabric Dip Process automation
  • Tire components
    • Mixing and Extrusion
    • Banbury mixture
    • Semi-Products
  • Tire Building
    • extruding, tread, Calendering
    • Vulcanization
  • Building & Inspections
    • Curing Press Automation
    • Quality Control
    • Labeling


Value Proposition

Pain Area
  • Attracting high skilled functional knowledge resources scarcity
  • Challenging in environment and Safety
  • Challenges in relation to traceability and .work flow management
  • Risk in operation for unskilled labor largely involved all over the production.
Pain Reliever
  • Modernization & usage of best available technologies improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Production process optimization with receipt management with a real time monitoring system.
  • Raw material Traceability system with RFID from WHM until Packing end product.
  • Higher volume production with latest technology and operating system.
  • Improved Safety measures
  • Intermediate level of intelligence, powerful enough to take over control that used to be done by people.
Gain creator
  • We do not supply and install.
  • We ensure production In line with improvements.
  • Eco system in technology


  • Control & Automation
  • Wireless Communication , and Remote operations.
  • RFID Material tracking system
  • Plant Integration with Real time monitoring.
  • IoT for tracking system and monitoring

   Our competency towards delivering Level 1 (Field Level) , Level 2 (Control & Automation , RFID , Vision Inspection system ,IoT, Remote automation), Level 3 (Planning , Recipe management , Data analysis) and Supporting Level 4 to integrate with MIS are value proposition to our customer.   

Ravi shankar MD , Naraiuran group of companies.

Automation system

Motion Control and Drive Systems

Material Handling with Robotics

Test & Measurement

Machine Vision

Robotic Welding

Pick & Place

Operator Assembly Stations

OEE (Over all Equipmen efficiency ) / Andon System

LV Panels / MCC panels

Re-engineering / Retrofitting of Plant or machines

Control System Design

Concept Development and Design

Spare Parts

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