Smart Cement Industry

Nariauran smart automation can optimize cement plant operations, Using appropriate automation and control systems. We can help you reduce emissions, per ton costs, and IoT solutions can access real-time information on your plant operations and maximize productivity.

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The growth of cement industry is directly linked to the growth of infrastructure sector. While global production volumes remain high, automation now has to be flexible enough to deal with rapidly changing product configurations. Automation that gives a framework about the equipment and methodology involved in process control towards effectiveness and handling of increased capacity of production.Reliable control of the process and operation defines the cost effectiveness of the production. The rising cost of energy transportation and persistent raw material pressures have been playing a heavy strain on the cement and construction industry. As a result, Cement industry is in search of competitive advantage, therefore, it is continuously improving on the innovation and optimization front.

Key Areas for Solution

  • Ash Handling System
  • Raw material handling (Bulk)
  • Grinding
  • Crushing
  • Kiln Control
  • Lime Stone Screening , Washing & polishing
  • Cooler Control
  • Transfer Conveyor Automation


Value Proposition

  • Intelligence integrated with system for continual monitoring of the process movement in the production line.
  • Energy monitoring and preventive maintenance management solutions will be a proactive methods
  • IoT play vital role for Tracking and makes transportation faster , which saves time and cost in large extend.
  • Reducing input costs, using fewer resources
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and unplanned shut downs
  • Remote operations and human safety and environment challenges

  Our systems & solutions provide significant cost difference in optimization. With Naraiuran, our customer always have a reliable partner to rely on

Ravi shankar MD , Naraiuran group of companies.

Automation system

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OEE (Over all Equipment efficiency ) / Andon System

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