Smart Electrical Solutions

Plant Engineering and Analysis

Front End and Basic Engineering

  • Systems and schematic engineering
  • Equipment and materials specifications
  • Electrical/Instrumentation systems design
  • Feasibility studies

Detailed Design and Engineering Detailed deliverables for Instrumentation plant-engineering disciplines

3D Plant Engineering and Analysis

  • Electronic P and ID development
  • Electrical cable trays, Instrumentation and HVAC, modeling
  • GA drawings, isometric drawings, spool / fabrication isometrics

Miscellaneous Services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-bid / proposal engineering
  • Cost estimations and BOQ
  • Procurement support
  • Field support

All kind of Panels

  • Each LV Switchgear panel and control panel is manufactured to the individual customer’s specific requirements
  • Naraiuran adhere to all of the relevant standards and Accreditation to ISO 9001:2008
  • The company’s well-equipped workshops and excellent workforce enable us to turn around a project in order to meet any tight schedules.
  • All panels we supply are manufactured using sound engineering practices that are associated with Standards for the manufacture of Low Voltage Switchgear & Control Panels
  • CPRI Certified to Panels
  • Enclosures are of high quality with IP ratings up to IP65, and are finished RAL7032 standard grey or any colour may be specified
  • With are equipped to supply Form 2 through to Form 4 Type 7 can be achieved.


  • Busbars are of hard drawn high conductivity copper. The main and secondary Busbars are of rectangular section and can be run horizontally or vertically as required and are shrouded against accidental contact by shrouds.


  • Labels of all types can be made from simple strip type identification labels, danger and warning labels, through to multicolour mimics of almost any proportion. Range of other materials, such as reverse engraved Perspex or glass, are available to meet your requirements.

Service Includes

  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-bid / proposal engineering
  • Cost estimations and BOQ
  • Procurement support
  • Field support

Intelligent MCC Panel

  • Intelligent Motor Control Systems (MCC's) are a combination of new communication capabilities of structural design with intelligent motor control devices which help to design single solution that in turn helps them to control, protect assets and communicate
  • This helps in reducing costs, information technologies, and monitoring the parameters of the equipment’s performance and respond more quickly.
  • User are able to increase the reliability and availability of their motors significantly.
  • IMCC ideally suited for use in industrial production processes in which a high level of machine and plant availability is required.


  • Communication with switchgears enables to control and monitor the field equipments.
  • Installation between MCC-cabinets and the PLC will be simple and can control it.
  • Reduced time required for wiring, test and commissioning by up to 50%
  • With intelligent switchgears and its availability being monitored in real time, precautionary steps can be taken. (e.g. pre-warning of overload)
  • Easy exchange of drawer units in operation (Hot Plug)
  • Fast and easy identification of defective slaves
  • High flexibility due to simple expansion of single drawer units or complete cabinets

Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions

  • Naraiuran focus on industry specific analysis for Smart Energy Monitoring solutions.
  • We offer designing, developing and delivering IoT energy management related to products, helping take advantage of smart devices and emerging technologies sensors, wireless networks, big data and computing power.

Our Focus

  • Factory – Energy Monitoring solutions
  • Temperature (Heating and Cooling energy management)
  • Smart grid Integration


  • Cloud based Energy monitoring
  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Energy billing
  • Alarms
  • Reports

Control and Automation Solutions

  • We execute complete turnkey automation packages. The jobs are executed by us professionally well within the overall project schedules and high-quality works is carried out in accordance with the exacting technical specifications provided by clients/consultants as also Indian & International Standards.
  • Naraiuran is a full-fledged company specializing in electrical control systems for the various production industries.
  • Since 1997, Naraiuran has been an established dynamic player in the System integration of control system and monitoring systems.
  • Each project reflects our principles of proven design and engineering, as well as those of our customers. Naraiuran understands the customer's requirements and strives to design and deliver in keeping with a total system concept and the highest standards of quality.
  • Through the years Naraiuran has experienced many substantial changes, yet we've maintained the same commitment to individual service for every customer, large or small.

In addition to the system integration of Control and automation , Naraiuran also handles

  • Design, Engineering, Erection, Testing and Commissioning
  • Engineering products for application
  • Field Installation & Startup
  • PLC / VFD / based projects
  • Retrofitting solutions
  • SCADA and RTU systems
  • All kind of LT panel boards

Ontime and within the budget

  • Regardless of the project, Naraiuran is committed to accomplishing our tasks on time and on budget.
  • Additionally, we are always mindful of our dedication to safety.
  • We have devoted our expertise and skills to the protection of human life, our customer's valuable production investments and the environment.

Control & Instrumentation package

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Data Acquisition system

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Retrofitting, Upgrading, Migration

  • Timely up gradation will be avoiding Risk in obsolete of Industrial Control System in the plant.
  • Any product will not last forever and eventually it will start to show the signs of aging and as it gets old it will reach the retirement.
  • Hence it is important to migrate to have sustainability to avoid surprises on breakdowns. As it gets old, Spares will not be immediately available, Cost of the spare will be high cost Experts trained in retired product will on demand.
  • Hence, its customer to take right time call for transformation on whether it is modernizing with retrofitting, upgrading the entire system or cross migrating using newer technology.
  • However, we work with our clients to evaluate the best option for their specific needs with our functional expertise.
  • In the hands of an experienced controls engineer and with numerous retrofitting jobs executed, Naraiuran knows the challenge to up with clarity to meet the goal.
  • Today’s retrofitting capabilities and control systems are simply awesome, delivering more security and integrating seamlessly into your current process and we will be part of delivering Simple, Cost effective PLC retrofitting solutions.

Upgrading or Migrating PLC and HMI Systems

  • When an upgrade to your current system or a migration to a new platform, we will ensure it for sturdy and meeting plant integration and long-term sustainability.
  • Our ability to work on numerous automation platforms sets us apart from other integration partners. No matter what PLC platform you leverage, we are expertly prepared to support your needs by maintaining software licenses and trained experts for nearly all current and legacy PLC platforms, including:
    1. Siemens (S5, S7, TIA-Portal)
    2. Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation (SLC150, SLC500, PLC-2, PLC-5, CompactLogix, Contrologix)
    3. Omron (NX, NJ, CS, CJ)
    4. Schneider/Modicon
    5. GE Intelligent Platforms
    6. Mitsubishi (Q Series, F Series, L Series)

Remote Telemetry system

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LC / MCC Panel