Smart Iron & Steel Industry

Smart automation provides value producing opportunities and transforms business processes for new revenue. Automation in Iron and steel has also relieved humans "from heavy, dangerous, complex and time-consuming tasks.

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The production is highly energy intensive .Cost effectiveness of production is based on monitoring and controlling of each process control in all units from feeding of Iron ore & coal feeding into a reactor, melting, and formation and rolling to finished products.

Key Areas for Solution


  • Coke Oven
  • Sinter plant
  • Blast Furnace
  • Hot Rolling


  • Bar Rolling Mill
  • Section Mill
  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill
  • Tube & Flat mills
  • Furnace


Value Proposition

Gain Creator
  • Predicting changes & Responding in real time
  • Creating a digital link between operations & IT
  • Design System suiting industry 4.0
  • Higher volume production at Less employee cost
  • Improved safety mesures
  • Intermediate level of Intelligence
Pain Reliever
  • Modernization & usage of best available technologies
  • Production process optimization with remote control systems
  • Receipt management with real time monitoring system
  • Functional Knowledge resources scarcity
  • Challenges in environment, safety & energy efficiency
  • Level of intelligence is insufficient to provide the continual, appropriate feedback.

  Our competency towards delivering Level 1 (Field Level), Level 2 (Control & Automation , IoT, Remote automation), Level 3 (Planning , Recipe management , Data analysis) and Supporting Level 4 to integrate with MIS are value proposition to our customer.

Ravi shankar MD , Naraiuran group of companies.

Automation system

Motion Control and Drive Systems

OEE (Over all Equipment efficiency)

LV Panels / IMCC panels

Re engineering / Retrofitting of Plant or machines

Control System Design

Concept Development and Design

Spare Parts

Telephone Support

On Site Support

Start-Up Support

Software Development

System Documentation

Technical Support

Existing Equipment-modifications and upgrades