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Complete Integrated Solution(CIS) Manufacturing Engineering Solution(MES) TPM Solutions OEE Fast Track
Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) Fast Track
OEE Fast Track Solution will revolutionise the way in which companies collect and analyze manufacturing shop-floor data. It's intuitive interface and feature-rich reporting tools enable users at all levels to efficiently and effectively identify availability, performance and quality and determine overall equipment effectiveness(OEE). With this vital information to hand, areas of improvement can be quickly identified and addressed, increasing productivity and driving down cost.
"Reduced downtime"
Fig: OEE Fast Track Solution Screen Fig: OEE Solutions Analysis
OEE Fast Track Solution includes all the tools necessary to measure, record and analyse OEE in any type of manufacturing or production environment. However, going beyond the recognised OEE definition.
"Designed for Growth"
OEE Fast Track Solution is fully scalable both in size(Number of monitored cells/machines) and accessibility(number of users) and will grow as your operation grows, ensuring that your initial investment is never wasted.
"An invaluable tool for the future"
We feel sure that once installed OEE Fast Track will become a key tool in your productivity toolbox, enabling you to get to grips and IMPACT on your:
  • Machine Availability.
  • Downtime.
  • Utilisation.
  • Throughput.
  • Shop-Floor Losses.
  • Maintenance Performance.
  • Product winners and losers.
  • Mean time between failures.
  • Bottle-neck identification
  • HR and shift performance
  • Set-up performance
  • Quality, rework and Wastage
OEE FAST TRACK is designed to run on any standard PC
In addition to standard OEE, OEE Fast Track solution supports a number of invaluable additional features such as downtime analysis through the entry of multiple equipment stoppage reasons; scrap management through the entry of waste, scrap and rework data.
OEE FAST TRACK(Automated Data Collection)
OEE Fast Track Solution software products have been specifically designed to provide a low cost solution for tracking and reporting shop floor production OEE Key performance Indicators. It will provide concise and easy to use real-time and historical reports for all personnel from the shop-floor to the boardroom.

OEE Fast Track Solution provides a lot more functionality than just historical and realtime OEE reporting. It has additional 'Included as Standard' capability to provide complete reporting of human resources, downtime, shift performance, product performance, job planning + much more.

OEE Fast Track Solution also includes an Open Database Interface(ODI) as standard which allows import data from third party software systems such as SCADA, ERP or other systems that can output a compatible XML.
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