EPC Solar System Integrator

Sustainable, CO2-free solar energy production is possible as the amount of energy the sun sends towards our planet is 35,000 times more than what we currently produce and consume.

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Why is Solar the best Energy solution?
The amount of energy the sun sends towards our planet is 35,000 times More than what we currently product and consume. Some parts of this energy –better known as solar radiation – is reflected back in to space but a lot of it is absorbed by the atmosphere and other elements surrounding the inner atmosphere.This energy can be easily harnessed for practical purposes such as heating , lighting bulbs and electricity for anything that requires. And the great thing is that we are never going to run out of this massive energy resource even for thousands and thousands of years.
Applications and our Solutions
Utility Grid Application
This application supplements the energy needs in both residential and commercial capacities Typically installed on the roof of the homes and business premises.
Grid Interactive System
Solar energy panels combined with batteries and generators for grid – tie applications couple the clean , power supplied by solar during the power outages.
OFF Grid Power System
Stand alone or Off-grid systems consists of solar panels and a battery bank. They are typically used in rural areas and regions where there is no access to the utility grid. Like structures that are far away from existing power grids including cabins in the mountains, boats , electric signage.

Key Areas for Solution

  • Free Site Survey
  • Structural Inspection
  • Custom project Design
  • ROI Assignment
  • System Installation
  • Final inspection and System commissioning


Value Proposition

Pain Area
  • Attracting high skilled functional knowledge resources scarcity
  • Challenging in environment and Safety
  • Challenges in relation to traceability and .work flow management
  • Risk in operation for unskilled labor largely involved all over the production.
Pain Reliever
  • Modernization & usage of best available technologies improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Production process optimization with receipt management with a real time monitoring system.
  • Raw material Traceability system with RFID from WHM until Packing end product.
  • Higher volume production with latest technology and operating system.
  • Improved Safety measures
  • Intermediate level of intelligence, powerful enough to take over control that used to be done by people.
Gain creator
  • We do not supply and install.
  • We ensure production In line with improvements.
  • Eco system in technology

Complete Integrated Solutions Solar Kit

  • PV Modules
  • Power Inverter
  • Choice of Roof mounting systems
  • AC/DC Safety and Discounts
  • Drawing plan
  • System manual including wiring drawing, instruction and warranty

   Our competency towards delivering Level 1 (Field Level) , Level 2 (Control & Automation , RFID , Vision Inspection system ,IoT, Remote automation), Level 3 (Planning , Recipe management , Data analysis) and Supporting Level 4 to integrate with MIS are value proposition to our customer.   

Ravi shankar MD , Naraiuran group of companies.

Automation system

Motion Control and Drive Systems

Material Handling with Robotics

Test & Measurement

Machine Vision

Robotic Welding

Pick & Place

Operator Assembly Stations

OEE (Over all Equipmen efficiency ) / Andon System

LV Panels / MCC panels

Re-engineering / Retrofitting of Plant or machines

Control System Design

Concept Development and Design

Spare Parts

Telephone Support

On Site Support

Installation Support

Start-Up Support

Software Development

System Documentation

Technical Support

Existing Equipment-modifications and upgrades